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Mountaineering equipment by Salewa – professional outdoor gears

Climbing and mountaineering are trend sports! More and more people want to feel the thrill while climbing in the rocks. The most important thing during mountain adventures is professional and reliable equipment.Salewa offers everything what is needed to feel save while climbing at the rocks: helmets, climbing harnesses, karabiners, express-sets,crampons etc.

Protect your head with Salewa helmets

A helmet is essential to protect your head against scree and in case of a fall. Salewa uses Carbon Nano Tech to improve comfort of helmets. This material is very lightweight and guarantees nevertheless maximum protection. Ventilation openings at certain points ensure a long-time pleasant head climate. Salewa helmets damp impacts reliably, even after repeated crashes.

Climbing harnesses by Salewa – perfect connection of sportsmen and rope

It doesn’t matter if you climb in the gym or at the rocks – a high-quality harness is always necessary! Each climber has to rely on his or her harness, because it is the connection of climbingrope and himself (herself). The patented buckle 90SAFX by Salewa prevents uncontrolled loosening and guarantees firm hold. EvoBelt is an innovative construction which is stable and lightweight at the same time. Salewa harnesses are adjustable and do not slip.
Products of the Rock series are fitted to all demands of sports climbers thank to Vario Webbing technology. These special harnesses consist of different heavy straps. Thick straps are only processed where it is really necessary, so that the total weight is lower.

Carabiners, rope brakes and more climbing equipment by Salewa

Although they are small and inconspicuous, back up devices are extremely important. Salewa climbing sets are equipped with perfectly adjusted karabiners. They are handy and easy to open. Salewa offers a lot of different systems to ensure security for your climbing adventures. Beside classic karabiners there are innovative rope brakes and express sets.

Technical equipment by Salewa

Adventures in ice and snow need special equipmentgears. For example the award-winningNorth-X ice axe. It is a good example for the high quality of Salewa products. Crampons made of aluminum or steal ensure perfect grip even if the terrain is slippery. Also Salewa’s Quick Screw won awards, because it is so functional and durable. MoreoverSalewa offers emergency equipment for avalanches.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or not – professional mountaineering equipment is always helpful if you love outdoor adventures! Have a look in our Salewa online shop and explore the wide range of Salewa mountaineering gears.