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SALEWA shoes for sporty outdoor enthusiasts

SALEWA’s outdoor shoes and boots are perfect companions for any outdoor acivity. Whether you are looking for a stable and reliable shoe for your next trip into high alpine areas, light footwear for activities such as trail running or for everyday life - our SALEWA web shop will inspire you. Here you will find leather boots and canvas slippers, shoes with different soles, low sneakers and high mountaineering boots.Pleasant warmth even during challenging alpine tours

Hiking boots by SALEWA offer the perfect support

For a mountain tour in uneven terrain, a solid footwear is absolutely indispensable. SALEWA hiking boots are optimized for such adventures thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. They protect the foot from injury by kinking or slipping. SALEWA’s special sole profiles offer a lot of grip and traction on different surfaces and also in wet and snow. Mountain boots of the Mountaineering collection are perfect for extreme situations and high alpine adventures thanks to integrated crampon fixation. SALEWA's unique 3F system ties the lacing with the sole and the ankle area, providing an optimal support for the foot. The FlexCollar construction and the individually adjustable multi-fit footbed offer additional comfort.Lightweight climbing pullovers

Hiking and trekking shoes by SALEWA – protection and comfort!

On even terrain SALEWA’s hiking and trekking shoes are your best choice. These are particularly suitable for hikers, who prefer a low cut shoe. Again, the 3F system is applied and improves the foot's support in the shoe. The EXA shell structure, which covers the shoe, provides an improved fit and an optimized balance on the forefoot. Firetail shoes of the TechApproach collection have a special Vibram® climbing sole to approach to the climbing rock. The Climbing lacing system, which can be found on many trekking shoes, such as the Alpine Approach shoes, improves the precision with an individual lacing up to the toes and ensures optimal balance and stability even in difficult terrain.Wide assortment and low prices

Sporty speed hiking and trail running shoes

The Speed ​​Ascent models of the Hiking collection and the Train models of the Mountain Training Collection are perfect for challenging tracks at a fast pace. The Ascent models convince by the so-called take-off technology, which increases the unrolling of the foot. This effect is achieved by a rounded sole and a slightly higher toe area. The Overlap Closing system provides improved support and comfort on the back of the foot. The Train models are perfectly adapted to the needs of trail running. The sole developed in cooperation with Michelin® Technical Soles is perfectly adapted to the foot and convinces with improved traction and adhesion. These effects are further enhanced by the 3F Total System.

Sporty casual shoes by SALEWA

In addition to hiking and trekking shoes, SALEWA also offers a selection of sporting leisure shoes. They feature the 3F system too: the connection of sole, heel and lacing ensures a perfect support. The soles are coated for better grip to prevent from slippering. The fashionable leisure time shoes are a real eye-catcher both in Nature and the city! In our SALEWA web shop you will surely find your new favorite shoe!